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RedPeony Chinese medicine for Kids

The RedPeony range consists of nine formulations. They are empirically based, having been developed in consultation with some of the most renowned pediatricians in China. Each formulation makes use of specific ingredients, herbal combinations and ratios that have proven to be consistently effective over several decades of clinical experience. They have been carefully designed taking into account the unique features of a child’s immature physiology as well as the distinctive manifestations of pathological processes within the child’s body-mind.

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RedPeony Sugar Free & High Potency Herbal Granules for KIDS Specifications: 40 - 60g NET Granules/Bottle.

Code Pinyin Name English Name
RP401 Xiao er gan mao chong ji 小儿感冒冲剂 Kids cold relief
RP402 Xiao er gu ben ke chuan chong ji 小儿固本咳喘冲剂 Kids chest clear
RP403 Xiao er ning xin shao dong chong ji 小儿宁心少动冲剂 Kids calm and easy
RP404 Xiao er pi wei jian yun chong ji 小儿脾胃健运冲剂 Kids digestion tonic
RP405 Xiao er qi xing cha (jia wei) chong ji 小儿七星茶(加味)冲剂 Kids well being
RP406 Xiao er shi zhen qing chong ji 小儿湿疹清冲剂 Kids rash relief
RP408 Xiao er yi niao bu shen chong ji 小儿遗尿补肾冲剂 Kids dry nights
RP409 Xiao er zhong er yan qing chong ji 小儿中耳炎清冲剂 Kids ear clear
RP410 Xiao er bai bu zhi ke ching ji Kids cough relief
RP411 Xiao er yu ping feng chong ji Kids defence