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In the clinic, certain common disorders require that the practitioner adopt a flexible approach. In addition to oral doses of herbal medicines, topical applications may also be needed. This is obvious for cases with arthritis, traumatic injuries and skin diseases. We also need to be aware of the soothing effect of warm herbal teas with aromatic components, which provide a quickly acting decongestant action on the nasal and upper respiratory passages.

In China, a large number of such preparations are freely available and are used extensively both as over the counter and prescription medicines. Over the coming years, the RedPeony range will expand to include some of the most effective of these herbal medicines. The company have begun by introducing two water-soluble granule preparations to assist in the treatment of the common cold and influenza with nasal and chest symptoms.

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RedPeony High Potency Herbal Tablet Formulas for ADULTS Specifications: 120 Tablets/Bottle (*100 Tablets for RP453)

Code Pinyin Name English Name
RP451 Dan shen pian 丹参片 Salvia tablets
RP453 Tian qi pian 田七片 Notoginseng tablets
RP454 Shou wu pian 首乌片 Polygonum tablets
RP455 Yuan hu zhi tong tian 元胡止痛片 Corydalis tablets